“Privacy is the key to the commercial value of your data within the information economy.”

Frank Ramirez

CEO PowerMyData

Your privacy is probably the single most important thing we care about at PowerMyData. Your privacy is the key to the value of your data and our entire service is focused on making it possible for you to realize the economic value of your data. So in this privacy statement we explain what data we use and how we use it. We encourage you demand more data privacy from every company you do business with and only permit them access to data they really need to serve you. Remember that if you do not like their policies, do not use their services. Your greatest strength is exercising your freedom of choice on whom you do business with.

“54 % of mobile app users have decided to not install a mobile app when they realized how much personal information they would need to share in order to use it.”

-Pew Research

Data Ownership

You own your data, all of it. You only license us the right to use your non-identifiable data to help you make and save money.


Personally identifiable Data You Share

We use your personally identifiable data to:

  • provide access to our systems when you sign in to your account
  • increase the value of your data in the marketplace by verifying your real
  • prevent against fraud against  all our members and clients 
  • enable us to provide you with the services we offer
  • transfer proceeds (money) from PowerMyData to you
  • report income and charitable deductions to you and the government
  • administer and support your account:


Sharing Personally Identifiable Data

Our policy is to not share personally identifiable data. There are 3 exceptions to this rule:

  1. We will comply with governmental requests under court order. We will notify you of this request unless precluded from doing so.
  2. We may reveal personal identity in support of litigation against individuals attempting to defraud our members. In cases of litigation only individual (s) suspected of fraud may be subjected to having personally identifiable data revealed as is needed to pursue the litigation in question.
  3. We will share personally identifiable data with any organization you have conveyed to us you wish to share your data with through our service.


Access & Control Of Your Data

We empower our members to access 100% of their data at all times. The only limitation on changing data is implemented to prevent fraud. For example, a person cannot change their age or gender and other fields of information that are by their nature definitive and unchanging.


Cookies & Similar Technologies

We use many internet tracking technologies, but we use them for the sole purpose of making and saving you money. 


Privacy Ownership:

You consciously determine what non-identifiable data is publicly available to the marketplace. We only sell data you provide us. We will not and do not build your profile from 3rd party companies without your permission.


The Data We Use

We only use the data you tell us we can use. The only data we have to sell on your behalf is the data you consciously provide to us. That data is specified in your online profile. Your profile is the data inventory we use to make you money. It also informs all the offers, discounts, coupons, and market research opportunities your paid to engage. There is no requirement for your providing any data, but the more you provide the more money you will make. Providing false data undermines your receipt of relevant offers and discounts and is a violation of your membership agreement. Our license terms once finalized will define what our process is for addressing fraud. 


What Data Is Sold

Your identity is never shared or sold, but we proactively sell all your non-identifiable data and make it readily accessible to any business. Any business can use the data to inform their business decisions and send targeted offers, discounts, coupons to PowerMyData members. 


What’s Public

All of your non-identifiable data is accessible for a fee. Organizations and people that want access to your data and attention must pay for it. Note however that no individual’s data is ever shared or sold if by doing so we enable the purchaser of the data to identify the individual. Minimum thresholds of member data aggregation, and numerous tactics of obfuscation, is used to protect member’s privacy from our employees, partners, and business clients. Exceptions to this policy include:

  • Government requests made under court order
  • Operational communications from PowerMyData
  • Marketing communications from PowerMyData
  • Organizations you have told us you wish to share your information with at no cost


Data Deletion, Retention, Reporting

Members can delete their accounts at any time. We will make deleting your data easy, and comprehensive.

We may retain certain information as required by law or for necessary business purposes including fraud prevention and business analyses. Data retained for business purposes will not be given, shared, or sold to another organization. Data retained for business purposes will be non-identifiable and aggregated in a manner so as to ensure privacy and anonymity in a manner that even we cannot undue.

You can export a copy of all the personal information about you at any time. We will only provide a physical copy (printout) of your data if required by law. Providing a physical copy is subject to a fee not exceeding the fee permitted by law.



Occasionally we may need to communicate with you outside the communication channels within the product to ensure you receive important service-related announcements. We will keep all emails to a minimum. We may also send email to comply with the laws relating to documentation of monetary transactions to comply with tax law. We will give you the ability to opt out of any promotional communications we send.


Notification of changes

If the privacy policy ever changes we will notify you of the change, why we made the change, and give you the opportunity to discontinue our service if your not in agreement with our change in policy.



This privacy statement is direct to individuals considering using our service. References to PowerMyData in this statement include our websites, apps, software and services. PowerMyData members can modify or delete their data anytime simply by signing in and updating their profile.

People under 18 (or the legal age in a jurisdiction) are not permitted to use PowerMyData on their own and should seek approval from their parent or legal guardian prior to using the service. This privacy policy makes no provision for their use of PowerMyData though we abide by all our values whomever we serve. Our priority at all times is to our membership.

Information that you submit through PowerMyData service may be transferred to countries other than where you reside to improve service quality or experience. We will protect all data we receive in accordance with this privacy policy regardless of the jurisdiction it is physically located in and compliance with any additional legal requirements in that location.