“We choose to go to the moon

in this decade and do the other things,

not because they are easy,

but because they are hard...”

- John F. Kennedy, 1962

Seeking Pioneers:

Things we are looking for include:


  • Inquisitive and innovative
  • Creative and analytic
  • Data inspired
  • Passionate about helping others
  • Challenges convention
  • Takes the high road
  • Work autonomously and productively
  • Great at making triage trade-offs
  • Has prior startup experience
  • Has a sense of humor 🙂
  • Candid and honest
  • Agile


  • Partner affiliate channel development/ management 
  • Mobile app product management
  • P2P platform systems development
  • CRM and machine learning systems
  • Block-chain, Etherium development
  • High encryption
  • Federated ID management
  • Payment systems development


Experience is the best teacher, but  we also value book smarts.

  • Business, a good foundation with experience across different  revenue models.
  • Technology, deep familiarity with mobile and hosted internet service platforms.

We are a startup. We look forward to growing our business responsibly. Periodically visit this website because we will post new opportunities here. If you simply must contact us then send email to Workfor@PowerMyData.org. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Give us a idea of the job you want in the subject line
  2. Send a brief cover letter<150 words. Answer: why here, why you. why now.
  3. No resume's over 1 page. Please submit in PDF format.