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Fund Your Future (Coming Soon)

Your time is now.

Together, we can challenge the data establishment that takes the value of your consumer power away from you. Please contribute so we can help you make and save money every day.


Our T-Shirts Glow While Your Wallet Grows ! 

Before you decide to contribute, we ask that you consider these 5 questions:

  1. How many mobile apps are designed to make you money every day? 
  2. How many apps give you full control over your data as opposed to taking it from you? 
  3. How many companies value your privacy over their profits? 
  4. How many apps make their success dependent upon your financial success?
  5. What is it worth to you to earn money from your data everyday for the rest of your life?

We think your data should work for you, not someone else. We are asking for your contribution to build a system that will work for you. We are giving away some cool T-Shirts that glow, but what we really want to do is start sending you money for the value of your data and attention.

How Your Contribution will be Used

PowerMyData is a startup. We have made a business plan, finished market research, defined product requirements, built an alpha service prototype, and have an agile go-to-market methodology in place. A lot has been done, but there is a lot more to do. This is how we plan to use the donations we receive.

The proceeds of our crowd funding will be allocated as follows:

  • 50% Services infrastructure/platform + Mobile App

  • 15% Digital marketing

  • 10%  Legal fees

  • 20% Employee salaries

  • 5% Administrative fees 

Our Funding Journey and Stretch Goals

We are crowdfunding to make sure our primary commitment is to our customers and not our financiers. Our objective is to empower you. The more money we can raise, the faster and more powerful the set of services we can offer.  Below we provide more of a narrative description of the services we wish to provide. How much were able to provide is dependent upon the funding made available through our crowd sourcing campaign.

 $100,000 Goal: Start The Foundation

Your donation goes to the building the web app accessible from any device with a standard based Internet browser. The service will enable you to make money and receive discounts based on the information you decide to share. You will own, control and profit from your profile.  

A Mobile App & Family Giving 

If we secure enough funding, our members will receive a free mobile app for Android devices. This mobile app is designed to make and save you money by letting you profit from your data and attention. You also have the choice to designate other people or organizations like your child, Alma-mater, or a nonprofit as the beneficiary of your data.

A Brighter Future for all

Today big companies make big money and harvest data at a global scale.  With your support you we can change the system by giving you control of your data. As PowerMyData grows we hope to:

  1. Get more affordable credit (much better rates) when you need it
  2. Get the best terms on big purchases like a home, a car, and everyday purchases like insurance
  3. Purchase everyday products and services at lower prices
  4. Improve your internet experience by redusing intrusive advertising 
  5. Build a brighter financial future for you, your family, and the causes you care about

We have big plans and a road map to get there - plans that use technology to give you more choice and more economic power.