PowerMyData Putting Everyone Online in the Data Business

Company Makes Your Data Your Business

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Seattle, WA. — May 24th, 2016 PowerMyData, a start-up dedicated to solving the problem of intrusive ads and lack of online privacy, today announced its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The company provides a cooperative marketing service that enables people to securely earn money from their search words, browser history, attention, profile and more; while also saving money on desired purchases. Service members realize their value within an industry currently spending over $600 billion each year to win their business.


The Trend of Consumer Empowerment

Uber lets everyone make money from their car; AirBnb lets everyone make money from their home; PowerMyData lets everyone make money from their data. “91% of us feel powerless over our online privacy and all of us dislike annoying ads” * says PowerMyData CEO, Frank Ramirez. “We think people will aggressively pursue monetization of their consumer power. Our members receive the financial value of their data, and get offers they want when they want them driving more efficient sales for business.”


A Billion People Strong

Today, in the US over 200 million people are on the Do-Not-Call registry, ad-skipping features drives DVR adoption, and globally a billion downloads of Adblock make it the most popular browser extension in the world. PowerMyData’s solution improves the online user experience, and it advances commerce through a direct, cooperative business model. “We really listened to consumers about their online frustration with ads and concerns regarding expanding online surveillance. It’s clear that the best solution empowers people realize the value of their data for themselves” says PowerMyData Cofounder, Brian Henling.


Advertising Disrupted by Blockchain

PowerMyData uses several key technologies “We use Blockchain, high encryption, smart contracts, and mobile technology to empower consumers in a trusted, secure and convenient way. Peer-to-peer (P2P) technology enables us to reduce data risk, and operational costs to maximize our members’ returns” says PowerMyData CTO, Scott Mraz. PowerMyData uses new Blockchain technology to verify online transactions while preserving consumer privacy. The unique use of Blockchain and crypto currency support (Bitcoin, Ether) enables an easy, efficient, and safe transfer of member earnings directly into their digital wallets. PowerMyData’s direct services promise it’s business clients exponentially greater engagement, efficiency, and sales conversions free from fraud. PowerMyData’s members’ profits and autonomy is increased by liberal profit-sharing; and is supported by cooperative data sourcing, machine learning, co-creative insights, and pay-per-click pricing that also delivers business success.


Smart Devices That Work for You Everyday

PowerMyData’s platform and smart digital assistant will be the first to enable all online devices people own (including their phone, tablet, computer, home appliances, car, etc.) to make and save them money every day. Service members can keep the money earned, or donate it to people and causes they wish to support.


A Cooperative Future Powered by People

Using the latest technology, PowerMyData lets consumers own, control and profit from their online data. “We see a world where our members earn $1000 per year and businesses use data safely to grow their business and brand. We are also delighted that our future members will help build the company via our Indiegogo campaign states Frank Ramirez, the CEO of PowerMyData.

PowerMyData enables people to realize their value within the digital economy in a more direct, transparent, and financially rewarding way. Visit www.PowerMyData.com for more information. PowerMyData was incubated at IQ2 (www.IQ2.io), a consultancy focused on the use of new technology to transform the value exchange across industries.