We are thinking about you too.

We are a new company. We are not always going to get it right. We appreciate your understanding and support and welcome constructive comments and recommendations. Below are some email addresses you can use to reach us. Given our limited resource we appreciate brief and to the point messages.  Thanks ! 



EVERYDAY PEOPLE: info@powermydata.org 

More than anything were launching this startup for everyday people. Who are everyday people? They are people not in the data business, not aware of what is really happening with their data. We feel they have been taken advantage of by the data establishment. Unfortunately we cannot respond to every single person so we have a presence on social networks and try to address common questions in our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. Feel free to write us and we will do our best to respond given our limited resources.



BUSINESS CLIENTS; Businessinfo@Powermydata.org 

If your a business and want to adopt a more efficient, effective, and socially responsible approach to marketing by partnering with prospects we would like to work with you to help grow your business. 



NONPROFITS & CHARITIES: Causes@Powermydata.org 

We have developed and affinity partner program to help certified nonprofits and charities offer their supporters a new funding option that allows them to convert the power of their data into financial support for their cause. If your interested to learn more contact us,


PARTNERS: Partner@powermydata.org

We welcome partners that share our values and vision  of empowering consumers to realize their full value. We are especially interested in partnering with commercial banks focused on supporting local communities and small business, mobile handset manufacturers, and telecommunication companies committed to mobile empowerment.


PRESS: Press@PowerMyData.org

So if your a blogger or in media and you are focused on reporting  on mobile innovation, decentralized  apps, peer-to-peer solutions, block chain technology, privacy, direct or cause based marketing were happy to speak with you. Please contact us and we will respond as soon as we can.




JOB CANDIDATES: Workfor@PowerMyData.org

Were always on the look out  for great candidates that share our values. Keep an eye on our website we will post opening as they come available. If you cannot wait,feel free to send a very brief note and PDF resume or better yet - point us to you r LinkedIn page!



Where We Are

Our team spans the USA, but our hometown is just outside Seattle in the great northwest. You can mail us, but were really not huge fans of physical mail. If your determined to mail us send your correspondence to:



Post Office Box 3085

400 NW Gilman Blvd, 

Issaquah, WA 98027


  • PowerMyData is a subsidiary of Dream Launchers LLC. a company incorporated in the city of Issaquah in Washington State. 

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