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Questions from everyday people.


Can I make money just by registering?

No, simply registering for the service without filling a profile will not result in you making or saving any money.


Does it cost anything to register?

No, you register simply by providing a valid email. This email will be used only to send you updates on our crowdfunding efforts and notify you of development milestones and when the app will be available for download. Communications up until the point of our launch will be minimal. We do not spam and we respect your privacy and value of your attention and time.


Do you ever share, rent, or sell my email address?

No, your email address is kept confidential and safe and is never shared with anyone. We do employ a cloud based email service provider to minimize our costs.The email service provider we selected is a trusted entity that also respects privacy, has secure operational practices, and maintains secure facilities. Side Note: You should be very wary of sharing your email with any company. Your email has economic value. When you share it with a company that makes no guarantee of confidentiality you are in effect giving them money and putting yourself at risk. 


How will I make money?

PowerMyData uses the data you supply to help inform all businesses about the marketplace, and also communicate with you effectively though the service. Businesses pay for the information, and also pay to contact you. You get 90% of this money and 10% is retained to pay for the service.


What do  I need to do to make money?

Minimally you need to fill out a simple startup profile. This will only take a few minutes. As you provide more data you will earn more money and get more offers. Once you provide data your non-identifiable data will start to be sold and you will receive payments. Once you fill out a profile you can  make money and do not need to do anything else.


However, you will also begin to receive messages in your PowerMyData inbox. This inbox manages offers  to make sure the most relevant rise to the top. When you open and rate these messages you will get paid. Finally, if a business asks you to answer a specific question in a poll you also get paid. Providing a more complete profile will result in you receiving more questions and making more money. 


How much money will I make?

Each persons' economic value is different, so each person will earn a different amount. Our estimate is that the average American consumers in a mature digital economy (in 2016 we're at about 40% maturity) should earn approximately $1000 per year from the sale of their data and attention. This is based on the initial services offered. However, there are more services we envision for consumers as well, so the total earnings will grow in the future. Also, while you will make money, you will also save it. We estimate that each person could save as much as $1.250 a year from discounted offers and promotions on things they need and want. 


How much do advertising funded companies make off me today?

Below is a table of the average revenue per user (ARPU) of several leading internet service providers whose primary source of income is advertising. This provides a good idea of the income they earn. Using PowerMyData would enable consumers to realize their fair share of the value expressed here.


Arpu chart

Note: PowerMyData vision is as a platform for personal monetization. In the future there will be additional data services enabled beyond the advertising revenue indicated here. These numbers are provided just to make clear that the $1000/person estimate of value is not unrealistic in the least. Indeed, in the future if consumers rally behind PowerMyData planned suite of service offers the estimate of $1000/person may prove to be a very conservative number.


When will I start to make money?

We are currently in the process of hardening our system and in parallel developing a P2P mobile APP. We very earliest we anticipate going to market would be the spring/summer of 2017. How soon we are able to go to market depends on how much money we raise and how broad the support is for our service. If your anxious for the service please donate what you can , tell your friends about our crowdfunding service and this web site, and for gosh sake download a bitcoin wallet 🙂 


Do I have to buy something to make money?

No. Your attention and data has value regardless whether or not you make a purchase. Simply selling your anonymous data will earn you money. Active members that provide more data will earn more money and receive more relevant discounts than passive members.


What is Bitcoin and why should I care?

Bitcoin is a digital currency (not paper or metal.) While still relatively new, it is becoming increasingly popular globally because it provides greater anonymity, accountability, and efficiency than traditional forms of currency. You should care because by using bitcoin PowerMyData can transmit your earnings to you faster, more frequently, and at a lower cost. To learn a bit more about Bitcoin and where you can get more information, visit the bitcoin section of our website.


How frequently will I be paid?

Our goal is to pay you immediately, but in reality paying you actually costs money and promotes undesired behavior. We need to find the right balance to maximize your return as well as protect the interests of advertisers. This means the frequency of payment might not be the same for everyone as we have to audit behavior to ensure the integrity of all transactions. (Note: were not desinging a system to make money on the "float") To provide more payment choice, we are pursuing different payment options including electronic checks, Paypal, direct deposit, and the use of the increasingly popular crypto-currency (Bitcoin.) Adoption of bitcoin will dramatically maximize your returns by virtually eliminating the payment processing and transmission fees we normally need to deduct from your earnings when we send you money. We highly suggest all our members adopt a crypto-currency like Bitcoin and we suggest you visit www.coinbase.com to learn more. (Full disclosure: We have no commercial interests in any Bitcoin wallet vendor and receive no payments for our references of any vendor mentioned on our site.)


How does PowerMydata keep my data private?

PowerMydata automatically separates any identifiable information from the data you supply. All stored data and transmission of data is highly encrypted when within our facilities and on all mobile devices. Furthermore, new peer-to-peer and block chain technologies are used to record data transactions and encrypt data. Our P2P vision is that there should be no pooled central repository of information that puts large groups of people at risk. No single place where a persons identity and their data coexist.


PowerMyData solution is comprehensive spanning employment policies, contractual licensing, security technology, data distribution, data storage, and operational methodologies. PowerMydata protects our member’s privacy from hackers, our business clients, our partners, and even our own employees. We expect that as our service continues to empower our members ownership rights it will become increasingly desirable for companies to deal directly with our members. This should broadly reduce demand for data from other sources because there will be much less financial incentive to take your data.


How will I save money?

PowerMyData allows companies to send you highly targeted offers and discounts based on your wish list registry and on the data you supply. Your data enables all companies to send you offers and better compete to win your business. This efficiency in discovering you will reduce the operational expenses of vendors that should result in lower pricing for you. In addition, our road map includes development of Smart Contracts that promise to save our members even more on the purchase of expensive assets and services.


What do I need to do to save money?

You will receive offers and promotional discounts based on the data you supply. The nature of the offers and discounts you receive is based upon said data. The more data you supply, the more relevant and targeted the offers you will receive. Your offers will arrive in your PowerMyData inbox. All you need to do to save money is use these discounts.


Do I have to use the PowerMyData inbox?

Yes. PowerMyData has a smart inbox which automatically sorts all incoming messages to ensure that the most relevant ones are raised to the top of the inbox and will receive your attention. We also plan to provide notifications to your regular email and phone via text messages if you desire them, to inform you about your earning, potential  savings, and your nonprofit contributions.


Will my email inbox get spammed if I am a member?

No, PowerMyData does not use your email inbox. The only email you will receive is operational emails and potentially notifications you approve from PowerMyData. PowerMyData has a smart inbox that does not use your email address. Vendors can only send messages to this smart inbox and you will be paid to review any messages sent to your smart inbox. 


How does PowerMyData save me time?

PowerMyData business clients can be very efficient sending you hyper targeted offers. Fewer, more relevant offers reduce the time you need to spend searching. In addition, PowerMyData's smart inbox ensures that your private email is not cluttered with commercial messages. You should not have to parse commercial solicitations from your business and personal email. Our smart contract efforts will allow you to define the contractual terms of purchase, and automate shopping of expensive assets and services.


How does making money from my data increase my privacy?

PowerMyData helps you realize the lion’s share of your data’s value. And if you are realizing the value of your data, it will be very hard for anyone else to do so. People and companies will not take your data if they cannot make money from it.  And no one can compete with you because you are the source of your own information - only you decide with whom and where you place your attention.


Why is my data privacy a big deal?

Your privacy is the key to unlocking the value of your data in the information economy. The internet data establishment consists of publicly traded companies. They are mandated to maximize revenue for their shareholders. They do this by charging as much for their products as the market will permit. In some cases they hide behind the term "free." In reality, they are profiting from the sale of your data and attention. 

If a publicly traded company knows your identity and has access to your data, they will use it to maximize their revenue (not yours.) Think of it as playing poker for money. Would you ever play poker where the other players could see your cards but you could not see theirs? No, because you would lose all the time.

Data privacy ensures your anonymity. Anonymity results in companies not knowing who you are. Anonymity forces companies to price their products based only on their costs and their competition’s pricing, not on what they think you should or can afford to pay. Virtually all publicly traded companies exist for one reason only: to make money.


Don't online companies already keep my data private?

Data brokers and ad funded companies keep data private to retain its value for themselves, not for your benefit. They own your privacy and that gives them the power to make money from your data. Also, some vendors keep your data for themselves to gain a competitive edge in the market. By retaining your data for themselves, these companies create a less competitive market which hurts you in the long run. 

Finally, in order to maximize profits advertising funded companies put as few regulations and controls on the use of data as they can get away with. They rationalize lapses in compliance with their own privacy policy, citing it as an unfair burden on their business. In short they openly admit they cannot protect you from the companies to whom they provide your data. PowerMyData is different because you own your data, consciously supply they data  you want to provide, and control privacy.  By making your anonymous data actionable to all companies, PowerMyData creates a more level playing field where more companies can compete for your business.


Don't I get a lot of free stuff by giving away my data today? 

Nothing is free. If it were free, then the people that produce "free stuff" would not make money. But their executives are billionaires and many of their employees multi millionaires. They are rich because the value of the data and attention you give them is worth a lot more than the cost to produce the services they provide you. So while it may seem free because you are not pulling money out of your wallet, using your debit card, or writing a check, you're being taken advantage of by the company you think is providing a free service. You are giving them the value of your consumer power in exchange for services that are really not that costly to build or operate.


Don't some vendors give me incentives today? 

Yes, companies do give incentives, but their incentives are marketing schemes that are misleading, controlling, and not transparent. Here is a quick peek at what is usually going on:

  • Bait & Switch:They tell you its free but then require you to signup for trials. They make money from the vendors you have to trial and by selling your contact data as a "qualified" lead.
  • Points-credits: Vendors reward you points you can only use in their catalog. The terms of use and the value of the points are determined by them. They lock you in a non-competitive market they control.
  • Lotteries: This is a very popular incentive scheme. Offering a "chance" to win a large prize. The truth is very few people win, yet a lot of people give away valuable data. They tease you with a grandiose promise, with full knowledge they will only have to pay out a very small amount for a treasure trove of data they can resell.
  • Cashback/ kickbacks: Virtually always, this is a company that is giving you a small piece of the commission they receive from a purchase you make. More recently some are giving back a small portion of the value of your data and attention. We're giving back 90% across all our services. Most do not tell you what percentage they return to you. Note: with credit card companies they just charge you too high an interest rate then return your money at the end of the month. Basically, you are giving them a free loan.
  • Trojan horses: Increasingly there are products being promoted as "smart" home devices or "digital assistants." These hardware and software agents are really Trojan horses designed to collect your data. The data collected is marketed as providing a beneficial service. However, that is only half the story. The data taken gives valuable information to the vendor. This data would normally have to be purchased - but instead they get you to give it to them at virtually no cost. The data collected is then used to maximize their profits - not yours. 
  • "Free:" It is very, very rare anything is really free. When you see "free" you should immediately be wary.  Remember that all your data is of value. Giving your email, clicking on a web page, or giving access to your location is giving away money. PowerMyData is designed to help you, and not someone else make money from your data. 

PowerMyData does not engage in these types of marketing schemes. We're direct, transparent, honest, and we work for you. We do not make money unless you do first.


If I provide a lot of data, won't I get spammed? 

No. PowerMyData has its own inbox that is separate from your personal and work email. Every message you receive in your PowerMyData Inbox has to be paid for by a vendor. There is also a minimal bid amount to send you a message. Because there is a real tangible cost to send a message, your PowerMyData inbox will not be abused like traditional email where there is little to no cost for a vendor to send a message. Companies will only send messages that they truly believe are of value to highly qualified members. Companies that send messages that are poorly targeted, or that do not provide enough value, will soon stop using the system because thy will not get a good return on their marketing investment.


What companies make money off my data and attention today?

Some of the worlds most highly regarded brands collect, use, and profit from your data. These companies dominate the credit card industry, entertainment & media, wireless communications, operating systems, online services (search, social networking), and online retail. The collection and use of data is largely unregulated. Even the regulations that do exist are thwarted by the fact that the internet is a global network that spans jurisdictional domains. Global companies can leverage their multinational presence to take advantage of discrepancies in data policy and enforcement.


Why is PowerMyData Charging a 10% Fee?

PowerMyData does not earn revenue unless you make money first. Our fee is designed to cover our projected operational expenses and support services innovation. Any future reduction in fees would likely take the form of a "data dividend." This payment would be based on an individual's service activity and the quality and volume of data supplied. 


How can I stop the data establishment from collecting my data?

Your time and attention are worth money, stop giving it away.  Politely decline all requests to participate in free surveys and other requests for your time and information. Do not use applications or devices that ask for data not relevant to the purpose of the application. Never click on any advertisements that your not paid to engage.

By constraining the amount of data you supply, and refusing to let other companies make money from advertising, you increase the value of the data and attention you provide through PowerMyData.  If PowerMyData is the only channel you will respond to then all companies will have no choice but to start paying for your data and attention. In time companies will stop collecting your data and investing in other online channels and will just use PowerMyData. This will take time but not as much time as you may think. Your the customer, you have the power. You just need to use it. 


Can I only make money through data sales and responding to ads?

PowerMyData is focused on helping our members make money from their data and attention. With our growth, our services road map will expand to include other services. It is our goal to use peer-to-peer technologies to deliver new business models that maximize the end consumers' realization of value. If we can remake a business using technology and take out the middle men so that the end consumer realizes a lot more value for themselves, we will. Some businesses actually benefit from intermediaries; they provide real value, but many others do not. We're only going to focus on large opportunities where we believe the current model is very inefficient or the value exchange is grossly inequitable.


How can I make money with my home appliances?

New home appliances are increasingly outfitted with sensors and internet connections. The data they will generate will be highly valued. Some examples follow:

Television: What you watch on TV and when you watch it is highly valued by entertainment companies as well as advertisers.
Thermostat: The energy you consume and when you consume it is highly valued by companies that manufacture HVAC equipment, utilities, construction  and real estate firms.
Refrigerator: What you have in your refrigerator is of interest to grocery stores, food companies, waste management companies, restaurants, and more.
• Stove/Oven/Microwave: The frequency of food preparation is of interest to food companies, restaurants, utility companies, insurance companies, and more.
• Alarm systems: How and when you alarm your home is of interest to law enforcement, real estate, insurance companies, and more.
Automobile: What you drive, when you drive, where you dive, how you drive is of interest to insurance companies, auto manufacturers, city planners, transit authorities, automobile repair and services shops, oil companies, environmental planners and more.

In the near future the appliances and things you own will generate valued data. Data that companies wanting to improve their products, competitiveness, and service are willing to pay for. The question is who are they going to pay? Are they going to pay you? or are they going to pay someone else? Most of the vendors that sell you these products would rather you make them the beneficiary of this data. In fact today none give you an option to profit from your data. At PowerMyData we see a future focused on you. Our platform enables you to profit from this data. Some manufacturers will support our platform and others will not. You can then decide which kind of products you would rather own. 


Will PowerMyData provide Ad blocking capability?

PowerMydata initial service will not block ads. You will still need to download and use one of many free Ad blockers. PowerMyData’s goal is not to block ads, but to make PowerMyData inbox your preferred way to receive ads, offers, discounts. We believe that if our members only respond to ads delivered to their smart inbox (because they are more relevant and because they are paid to view them). Then other ads will cease to be effective. Companies will invest their marketing dollars where they are most effective. We contribute to ending annoying, intrusive, and irrelevant ads by making them an even worse investment for business than they already are.


What is the relationship between Dream Launchers LLC. and PowerMyData?

Dream Launchers LLC. is the parent company of PowerMyData. PowerMyData is a subsidiary doing business as (DBA) brand that is wholly owned by Dream Launchers LLC. 

Questions from business clients.


How does PowerMyData  help increase my sales ?

Today, most direct marketing is based on poorly qualified lists, uses second had data or data unconsciously supplied, and the offers are mixed in with personal or business communications. The result is that the average conversion rate (sale) is in the low single digits (2%.) PowerMyData uses customer supplied data to inform and target your messages. Your message is delivered using a machine learning system to a smart inbox that prioritizes messages delivery and placement based on a sophisticated relevancy algorithm. Analyses of this new cooperative data driven marketing methodology suggests you will realize a 5x to 10x increase in the conversion rate over current channels.


How does PowerMyData  reduce my costs?

Direct marketing is inefficient. It takes time to collect data, define the audience, find and purchase customer lists, construct the campaign, deliver it, then analyse its effectiveness. PowerMyData automates data collection, market research, audience qualification/identification, campaign creation, message delivery and measurement. By co-creating the consumer 360 database with our members, and automating best-of-breed direct marking practices practices. PowerMyData dramatically reduces marketing costs and extends world class direct marketing capabilities to small companies.


How does PowerMyData help me better understand the market opportunity?

PowerMyData has a direct business contract with each of our service members. Our members provide data to help you understand what they need and want. We use this data to inform a machine learning system and a reporting engine to help you understand who your prospects are and who is interested in your competitors as well. 


How much does the service cost?

PowerMyData provides market research and message delivery services. The market research services will be priced based upon the volume of data desired and the nature of the reports. Message delivery services are bid based on a per member basis. Messages that are not engaged by a member expire and result in no fee. All campaigns also have a fixed maximum fee to ensure no budget overruns. Our objective is to price our services to maximize accessibility, and efficiency of the value exchange between our members and our business clients.


What form of payment is accepted?

Accredited/ popular credit card and bitcoin.


Do I have to supply any data?

You must supply a simple profile of your business, contact information, and a valid credit card.


How do I control my prospects' experience?

PowerMyData provides campaign delivery tools that allow for a consistent yet branded experience. Structural homogeneity in message delivery facilitates calculation of relevancy, member consideration, and comparative analyses to inform experimentation and competitive bench-marking.  


How does PowerMyData save me time?

PowerMyData uses co-creation and machine learning  to eliminate the creation and management of a customer data base and automate audience segmentation. Simple wizards eliminate the need to create target lists, and build offers. Finally, we automate offer delivery, campaign analyses and reporting. Through hosted infrastructure and services , cooperative co-creation, wizards, and automation PowerMyData dramatically streamlines the campaign life cycle to save time.


Why will PowerMyData be a better channel for marketing?

PowerMyData is a cooperative marketing channel. Consumers are more engaged because they participate directly in the value exchange. Cooperating with consumers makes PowerMyData more efficient and drives brand goodwill.


But search providers also only charge by the click. Why is PowerMyData more efficient? 

Search providers do not have a trusted relationship with consumers and engage in data collection and sharing practices not aligned with the consumers' interests. Their portal delivery model also forces business to bid for page placement prioritization against a larger set of vendors resulting in higher service pricing. 

PowerMyData provides a inequitable value exchange for the consumer. PowerMyData will provide deeper data insights and audience engagement.  As a result PowerMyData optimizes delivery to more qualified audiences and aligns prices with consumer quality and not competition to secure placement within a portal.


How does PowerMyData protect against advertising fraud? 

PowerMyData members do not decide who sends them offers or the bid amount extended to them. Members own their privacy and are incentivized to provide real data. More than 50% of the value members realize is through targeted offers. Misrepresentation of data results in irrelevant offers. Also, PowerMyData's targeting algorithms are multivariate. Fraudsters would have to build and maintain numerous false profiles, continuously falsify online behavior, and evaluate offers to defraud the system. This falsification would also all have to be done within the context of anti fraud efforts that restrict access to trusted entities, prevent automated logins, fix static profile elements to deny experimentation, and benchmark behavior to identify outliers. 


Why will using PowerMyData increase my brand Goodwill?

PowerMyData employs a cooperative marketing model that makes each member part of the sales process. We do not surreptitiously collect data from third parties, build virtual profiles, barter commodity services for valuable data, or interleave advertising into application or content to steal attention. We do not compromise a desired UX. Rather, we respect our customers' data and privacy ownership. We disproportionately share the value of their data and attention with them because we realize they are the true source of value. Finally, PowerMyData empowers its member to keep all their earnings or apply them to improve the lives of people they love and causes they wish to support. We do not engage in marketing loyalty schemes designed to tie members down and constrain how they can use their earnings. In summary, we designed and are building an authentic service we would want to use: a service that respects people and their interests. Consumers value authenticity and extend more goodwill to business with brands that they trust. 

Questions From Non-profits


How does PowerMyData  help increase our donations?

PowerMyData enables organizations to more directly engage people in a transparent manner. We do not engage in an inequitable trade of services for data & attention. PowerMyData members earn the value of their data and attention in a clear, transparent way. To promote social responsibility we also make it easy for our members, if they choose,  to redirect their earnings to other people, organizations, and causes they wish to support. Organizations that seek funding through donations can appeal to PowerMyData members to redirect their online earnings to their cause. 


What do I have to do to participate?

We are developing our mobile app and hardening our infrastructure to begin offering services this year. We have designed an automated affiliate marketing program that will make your support as simple as deploying a small amount of java script to a web page - less than a hour's work. Branded and positioned as you prefer, this code will deliver  a commission payment (deducted from our 10% commissions and not their earnings,) and a contribution annuity from each referred prospect that becomes a service member.


Why should we consider adopting PowerMyData ?

Nonprofits are dependent upon the integrity of their brand and the trust extended to them by their members. Nonprofits are not well served by partners that hoodwink their members via a disingenuous barter of commodity services for valuable data. Additionally, analyses of the largest social networks caused based marketing returns indicate that on average nonprofits are earning only 12% of the sourcing fee they would normally be entitled to for sourcing members into a service. So both the nonprofits supporters and the nonprofit itself are not being treated fairly. Good relationships are based on reciprocity and the data appears to indicate that the value exchange today is far from equitable for individuals and non-profits.


What are the key benefits from adopting PowerMyData ?

Our "causes" home page lists the primary benefits. From our perspective though, the greatest benefit is expanding and empowering your donor base. In a mature digital economy, our forecasts indicate that each of our members will earn $1000/ year in income from the sale of their data and attention.This is $1000 more they can use to improve their lives and help better support your organization. In addition, affiliate partners use the platform for free which can greatly reduce IT, research, and donor prospecting fees.


How do we get started?

At this time, we ask that you visit our crowdfunding campaign, and register your email on our website on the "causes" page. Your email is private and never shared, rented, or sold in any manner, with any organization. Registering your contact email will enable us to engage you in advance of the commercial launch of of our service.