We all Want

to be Firemen.

While we can't all be firemen, we can embrace their commitment to helping people in need. Founded in Seattle, Washington, our team includes a handful of business and technical experts located across the United States. Like firemen, we are committed to help people in need. Especially technological laypersons that cannot hear the alarms, smell the smoke, feel the heat, or see the fire. 

Today many companies use business guile, corporate "doublespeak," and technology to gain privileged access to private information to make excessive profits. Profits made at the expense of the very individuals and clients they purportedly serve. PowerMyData is  taking a different path that is more aligned with the values and needs of our desired members and clients. We view ourselves as being a more transparent, direct, and socially responsible company.

We believe it is our responsibility to use our business and technical knowledge to improve the daily lives of all people. Our objective is to help every individual realize their value within the information economy. Through our services we seek to empower our members to profit from their data, help the people they love, and provide more support to causes they are passionate about.

The next phase of the information age is the decentalization of technology. This change will remake whole industries and empower greater individual liberty. To expedite the democratization of people's consumer power (data and attention) we are embracing the responsible use of new peer-to-peer technologies that will empower individual autonomy. We welcome you to join us.


Our Team

We started PowerMyData because we wanted to help everyday people improve their lives by enabling them to realize the value of their data and attention within the information economy.


We saw an opportunity to use the latest mobile, security, trust, and machine learning technologies to empower each person to make their data their business.


By enabling every person to own, share, and monetize their online presence every day of their life, we solve serious challenges to personal privacy, social security, charitable giving, and the competitiveness of small business in a data driven economy.


Brain Frank and Scott named

"We're focused on building a business based on integrity and economic transparency. A business that will empower people to eliminate friction in the the data economy by taking ownership of their online presence."

- Frank Ramirez

Our People

Frank Ramirez, Founder & CEO

Founding Director of T-Mobile smart phone team & wireless broadband services. Co-creator of unlimited wireless data plans and integrated "Get More"  services strategy. Adviser to Fortune 100 companies on mobile, customer database marketing, and marketing automation.

Brian Henling PhD, Co-founder

Expert mobile systems software engineer. Led enterprise and startup design & development teams' delivery of mobile, embedded systems, CRM platform solutions for globally branded companies. 

Scott Mraz, Executive Partner IQ2 & CTO 

Philosopher, technical guru, and insatiable intellectual omnivore. Deep expertise in hybrid cloud and decentralized solutions development spanning programmable block chain, and crypto-currency.

Daniel Feygin, Executive Partner IQ2, Software Engineer & Architect

Technical expert in distributed systems, web services, cloud native systems design, and  platform development. Pioneer in the pragmatic application of new technologies to drive business transformation across domains as diverse as smart contracts, mobility and IoT.